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  • The registration period to PRE-INSCRIPCION MOZARABE ADVENTURE will end on Tuesday, December 31, 2024 23:00h.
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El precio de la inscripción es de 150 € para poder optar a la inscripción deberás hacer una pre-inscripción de (30€), los cuales se descontarán cuando realices la inscripción (150€-30€)= 120 €. Estos 30€ serán destinados al seguro de cancelación, en caso que por cualquier motivo no pudieras asistir se te devolvería 120 €.

The registration price is €150 to be eligible for registration you must pre-register (€30), which will be discounted when you register (€150-€30) = €120. These €30 will be used for cancellation insurance, in case you cannot attend for any reason, €120 will be returned to you.

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You never know when you may have an untimely illness, a training injury or any other major unforeseen event that may disrupt your participation in the event.

We offer you the possibility of contracting a cancellation insurance that allows you to recover the amount of the inscription.

The price of the cancellation insurance calculated for your registration is . Please, note that if you do not take it now, you will not be able to do it later.

You can consult the conditions of the insurance here

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